[Ultimate list] Best Getting To Know You Questions

128 Best Getting To Know You Questions [For Kids, Friends and Couples]

Last updated on February 7th, 2023 at 05:06 pm

Here sharing the ultimate list of the best getting to know you questions.

These funny to deep level questions help you get more insights about someone you already know.

Plus, these are also great ice-breaking questions to use to get to know someone you just met.


Whether you’re starting a conversation with strangers or planning to improve it with the closest people, asking questions is indeed the better way. 

And the most important thing is, you ask the right questions to the right person. 

Therefore, depending upon your requirement to improve connection, we will be covering the percent list of get to know you questions for you, here. 

There is a separate list of such getting-to-know questions to ask your friends, kids, adults, family, couple, and someone at work. 

And all you have to do is pick a suitable list and then have a healthy discussion with them.


Fun Getting to Know You Questions for Kids

It’s usually kids who ask so many questions out of curiosity.

But, like parents or siblings, or family members you sometimes want to ask such ‘get to know you questions’ to find out more about the kids.

Well, there are also some this or that questions for kids to ask, that you better follow along.

Fun Getting to Know You Questions for Kids

1. What is your nickname and what is the story behind it?

2. What would you like to be in the future? 

3. How do you spend the rest of your day besides studying?

4. Which are your favorite books to read at bedtime?

5. What are your favorite hobbies? 

6. Do you enjoy playing outdoors or at home on the computer?

7. What do you like the most reading or writing? 

8. Do you play any musical instrument or want to learn one? 

9. Do you have a habit of collecting something? 

10. How would you celebrate your upcoming birthday? 

11. What do you wish to get on your birthday?

12. Who is your best friend and what’s special about him/her?

13. Which animal do you want to be a friends with and why? 

14. What do you expect your parents to do to be the great ones?

15. Who is your best friend and what is special about him/her?

16. What is the great thing you learn from your parents and family? 

17. Which are your favorite outdoor activities to enjoy with colony friends? 

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Best Get to Know You Questions for Adults

If you want a meaningful discussion with adults, you should ask good questions and discuss topics of their interests.

Take a look at these best questions you can ask adults to get to know them closely about how they see the world.   

Best Get to Know You Questions for Adults

1. How do you keep yourself healthy and fit?

2. What is something that makes you regret spending a big money on? 

3. According to you, how to make a perfect day?

4. If you get a chance to go back to your past, what will you change? 

5. Which year is the hardest to survive on this earth?

6. How do you find that you’re passionate about something?

7. What is the greatest surprise you ever receive on your 20th birthday

8. Do love meeting people online or in real life?

9. Do you have a crush on someone?

10. What are the best and worst things about the internet?

11. What is the most interesting fact about your work? 

12. Other than work, which skills do you also learn with this work? 

13. How good are you at maintaining the work-life balance? 

14. What do you do on a Saturday night all alone at home?

15. Do you keep a personal diary or journal?

16. Is it hard or easy for you to trust others?

17. Are you a workaholic, average worker, or poor one? 

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Good Getting to Know You Questions for Students

As a teacher, as the guardian, you want to learn about your students so that you can educate them the best way.

Thus, it is better to ask such getting to know you questions that help you gauge their compatibility and level of understanding.

Good Getting to Know You Questions for Students

1. How many hours do you spend studying and doing homework?

2. Do you like to help others in studying or do you’ve to? 

3. Which subject do you love the most and can teach others so well? 

4. Do you make the confident choices or leave it on luck? 

5. What is the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?

6. What are your thoughts about college life? Are you excited about it?

7. How do you love your schools and learning with all other students? 

8. Do you enjoy staying from your home or waiting for the schools to open? 

9. What are your special plans or resolutions for the new year?

10. Which skills or talent do you wish to achieve before moving to high school? 

11. What is something that you will never forget about your school ever? 

12. What is the first thing you do after going back home after school?

13. Do you like the school dress code or wish to go on clothes of your choice? 

14. What are your thoughts on making the school the perfect place to learn? 

15. How confident you are about speaking in front of the whole class?

16. In which subject you’re doing the best and one you’re not? 

17. Are you an introverted kid in school or outspoken? 

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Funny Get to Know You Questions for Friends

If you want to establish a unique connection, you should use laugher.

Well, so when you’re about to start a new friendship, meet new friends, or want to have some fun conversation with exciting friends these are some funny get-to-know-you questions to kick things off. 

Funny Get to Know You Questions for Friends

1. What is the best and worst thing about your best friends?

2. What is the craziest fact about you that no one knows?

3. Have you ever played a prank on someone and later regretted it?

4. What is the most hilarious way karma treated you back?

5. What is the most disgusting habits of your or someone from your circle you know?

6. Which movie is the most boring one and you wish you haven’t watched that?

7. Do you use your wifi or crack the others?

8. How do others’ opinions and judgments affect your decisions?

9. Who is the most underrated and overrated person in your group? 

10. What will be your ultimate response to a drama-queen friend? 

11. What is the most hilarious pick up line you ever heard?

12. Which organ do you want to change from your body and why? 

13. Why present generation kids or teens are the worst ones? 

14. What is your favorite emoji and why?

15. Have you ever tried to impress your crush and failed miserably? 

16. What is your worst nightmare that you are embarrassed to share with others?

17. Are your friends support growing you up in life or pushing you down?

18. Will you forget about our friendship after you get married? 

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Deep Getting to Know You Questions for Couples

If you’re in a relationship or dating someone, asking the right questions will help you establish a lasting connection.

We have put together a list of deep and personal get-to-know questions that you can ask your crush or partner to deepen your bond and level of understanding.

Deep Getting to Know You Questions for Couples

1. According to you what makes the perfect date night?

2. How serious you are about the relationship right now? 

3. What is something that makes your relationship unique? 

4. Where do you want to celebrate your next vacation at the beach or in the new country? 

5. Who is your favorite music artist and what’s special about him/her?

6. Which celebrity couple is your inspiration for the powerful relationship?

7. What is something that separates a great individual from anyone? 

8. What are your unique ways to say good morning or good night once?

9. What do you expect from your relationship, how does it impact change in you? 

10. What relationship mean for you and one’s life? 

11. What is something that you wish to try with your partner for the first time? 

12. Are you attracted to someone’s appearance or character? 

13. What was your age when you start to differentiate between love and attraction? 

14. Do you think you or your partner are working enough to make this relationship work?

15. Which romantic movie or song do you dedicate to your love story? 

16. What is your ultimate motive to stick with your partner for life?

17. Which quality in someone do you admire the most? 

18. What is that one characteristic of me that makes you fall in love with me? 

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Professional Getting to Know Your Questions for Work

Lunch breaks are a great way to build your workplace connections, and there are many good questions you can ask other coworkers or employees.

Find some professional get to know you questions, which you can ask your colleagues, team members, new employees, or someone to learn more about their work and career perspectives.

Professional Getting to Know Your Questions for Work

1. What is your biggest strength/fear?

2. What is something that keeps you focused?

3. What makes your work of field the best than rest? 

4. Which is your favorite day of the week and why?

5. What career lessons do you wish you learned a lot earlier? 

6. Are you in the field of your choice or still searching for the one?

7. Out of 10 how relevant you are to the job you’re doing right now? 

8. At which age did you start working and what was your first work? 

9. At which hour in the day do you find yourself the most productive? 

10. Are you happy with working alone or with a team with a group around? 

11. Aside from the work, what is your skill?

12. How do you make the best out of your free time or time after work? 

13. Do learn something at your job or do it for a paycheck? 

14. Do you believe in working at fixed hours or flexible? 

15. What is the best thing about Working from home and what is the biggest disadvantage?

16. Are you in a secured job or searching for one? 

17. What could be the threat to your industry or work of field?

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Random Get to Know You Questions

After checking the most common approach, here are some random getting to know questions that will help you connect with someone.

Using these questions as icebreakers allow you to uncover a common interest, making it easy to develop a meaningful connection!

Random Get to Know You Questions

1. What is something that makes you feel proud of yourself?

2. What is the biggest lesson you learned from your parents, family? 

3. What is something that you want to change about your workplace?

4. Have you found a leader, role model, or godfather in life? 

5. What are your personal goals for the upcoming five or seven years? 

6. Are you planning to start a business or at the present job?

7. Do you take time to spend with yourself?

8. Who is the closest person to your family? 

9. Do enjoy being with your family or moving out alone?

10. How would you define success in life, career, or anything? 

11. Are you focused to achieve success or it’s a pressure on you? 

12. What would you do if someone is on the edge of giving up? 

13. How great you are with your persuasive skills?

14. What is something that holds someone back in life? 

15. Do you have a bucket list and what’s there in it? 

16. Where do you want to start a new life, at a distant location or in a new country? 

17. What are the top five things that you feel grateful for in life

18. If you can decide your life age, how long do you want to live? 

19. Which city or country has the most structured building and structures?

20. How confident are you about the accomplishments for your life purpose? 

21. Would you rather get all the stardom or just want to be rich, staying underground? 

22. How someone could make the best out of their 20s or young age?

23. What is something that you want to do at least once in your life? 

24. How would you like to be remembered in the world? 

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Final thoughts

So, that’s it for the post. We hope you have some perfect get to know someone questions to ask someone. 

Whether you are about to use this list of getting to know you questions to strengthen your bond with your friend or family member or to have a fresh start with someone…

We are sure that such ice-breaker questions will lead to meaningful conversions, overall.

Next, if you’re in search of some crazy, funny, and deep questions, you better read our latest post sharing, Best What If Questions.


Avoid small talk, ask some right questions and make this time count for a lasting connection.