Best This or That Questions

247 Best This or That Questions [Funny, Icebreaker, And Deep]

Last updated on July 18th, 2022 at 07:29 pm

You can use them as conversation starters or a ‘two choice questions’ game. And, here’s a list of the best this or that questions to test someone’s creativity and honesty.

The following list provides good, deep, and funny ‘this or that’ game questions to ask anyone. 


When you’re not sure how to have a meaningful conversation with someone, or how to get to know them without sounding nosy, playing this or that is a perfect choice. 

In this interactive questions game, you need to provide the two options, first. They’ll have to choose whichever is best or is felt to be the right answer based on their preferences.

A great thing about this game is that… 

You can play it with anyone, such as your crush to get to know them, with new people to start up a conversation, or with your buddies or family members to do something different than watching TV or usual series during your free time. 

But, the real challenge is choosing the right questions to ask the right person. 

Not to worry, anymore. We’re going to introduce you to the perfect list of this or that questions to play this game with unique people and with a special goal. 

Let’s get going.


Interactive This or That Questions for Kids

A questions game will keep kids entertained during a sleepover or when you want to play a game without using any gadgets at all. 

You can also play ‘this or that game’ with them. Here we present the two-choice questions that are appropriate for children. 

Interactive This or That Questions for Kids

Superman or Batman?

Books or movies?

Reading or watching? 

Harry Potter or hobbit? 

Video games or board games? 

Doraemon or pokemon?

Ash or Pikachu?

City or village? 

Pencil or pen? 

Writing or reading? 

River or sea?

Wake up early or stay late?

Dark or white chocolate? 

Browny or ice cream cones? 

Soup or salad? 

Marvel or DC?

Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

James bond or Johnny English?

School friends or colony friends?

Movie theatre or museum? 

A study from home or at school?

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Good This or That Questions for Adults

Whether you want to know some good questions to ask your adult kids or make it a fun party time, this or that game would be perfect.

Get to know adults by asking them choice questions to test their thinking and unique opinion.

Good This or That Questions for Adults

Art or science?

Google or yahoo?

Past or present? 

Job or business?

Boss or leader?

Team or independent? 

Engineer or doctor?

Finance or commerce?

War or Natural disaster?

Work from home or office?

Train or metro?

Road or subway?

Save or invest?

Creative or standard? 

CounterStrike or Chess?

Game of thrones or lords of the rings? 

Comfort or creativity? 

Passion or money?

In-office work or fieldwork? 

Newspaper or morning talk? 

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Funny This or That Questions for Friends

There are some enjoyable questions to ask when you get together with friends after a long time, rewinding those crazy old memories.

Here are some funny questions to ask your friends to make this meetup a memorable one. 

Funny This or That Questions for Friends

Mario or NFS?

Luck or hard work? 

Married or unmarried? 

Tiktok or Instagram?

Shaving or waxing?

Television or social media?

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Thor or Thanos? 

Known celebrity or secret hero? 

Living alone or in a relationship? 

The strongest person or the fastest person? 

Want to be powerful or be more flexible? 

Captain America or Thor? 

Ironman or Batman? 

Justice League or Avengers?

Apple or android? 

Wired headphones or Earbuds? 

Start over or give up? 

Windows or mac? 

In the future or the past? 

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Perfect This or That Questions for Best Friend

Do you want to uncover your besties’ dark secrets, or want to know how well you are related to your opinions?

Well, so there are some best this or that game questions to ask the next time you get together.

Perfect This or That Questions for Best Friend

Truth or dare?

Soccer or basketball? 

Change nose or face? 

USA or Canada? 

Burj Khalifa or Great Wall of China? 

The 90s or 20s?

Eminem or Kygo?

Johnny Depp or Robert Downey junior?

Sydney or Tokyo? 

Elon Musk or Warren buffet? 

Monopoly or game of life? 

No friend or best friends? 

Ed Sheeran or Snoop Dogg? 

Hulk or Hawkeye?

One Direction or One republic? 

Loki or joker? 

Mars or moon? 

Space or underground? 

Intelligent or wicked?

Aggressive or calming?

Saturday night or Sunday evening?

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Good This or That Questions for Girls

Whether she’s your best friend, crush, or a girl next door, you better ask the right questions to her.

In the time when you want to know more about her and enjoy the time, better ask this relevant this or that questions to her. 

Good This or That Questions for Girls

Twitter or TikTok? 

Pickup lines or just Hey? 

Makeover or same style? 

Barbeque in the backyard or party at a club? 

Entrepreneur or boss? 

Postgraduate or just graduate? 

Experienced or fresher? 

Vampire or werewolf? 

Lion or Lonewolf? 

Mysterious or outspoken? 

Independent or part of a team? 

Losing ability to hear or insomnia? 

Stay stuck in an elevator alone or with a bunch of people? 

A self-learning or taking a course? 

Distance learning or school learning? 

One daughter. one son or both daughter/son? 

Loud music or listening in silence? 

Extra eyes or two more hands? 

Sofa or dining table? 

Singing competition or dancing challenge? 

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Great This or That Questions for Boys

Well, talking to a guy does not have to be so awkward and boring.

If you both are looking for some refreshing talk, you can start this or that game with him by asking these engaging questions to him.

Great This or That Questions for Boys

Lost in a new country or losing your memory? 

Church or sunburn party? 

Leaving a job or keep doing it? 

Instagram or Snapchat? 

Nuclear or cold war? 

Being pranked or doing a prank on others? 

Losing yourself to someone or leaving that person? 

Being funny or remain the same? 

McDonald’s or Subway? 

Take jokes personality or laugh it out? 

Serving as a soldier in one home country or secret agent in another? 

Fly a passenger plane or fighter jet?

A social worker or social media influencer? 

An influencer on Instagram or Youtube? 

The Instagram page or youtube channel? 

Website or blog or social media page or profile? 

1 million followers or your agency? 

Icebreaker or waiting to be approached? 

Avoiding bad people or bringing them on the right path? 

Correct someone or put them down? 

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Deep This or That Questions To Ask Family and Partner

It doesn’t matter whether you want to improve your relationship with your family or want to know more about your partner, these insightful questions can help.

When not sure what to talk about, ask such ‘this or that deep questions’ to your nearest person, family, or partner. 

Deep This or That Questions To Ask Family and Partner

Saying sorry to someone or keeping your ego? 

Let your crush approach you or make a move? 

Short film or web series? 

Punisher or forgiver? 

Want to know everything or forget something? 

Read others’ minds or speak every language? 

Self-respect or love someone? 

Rap songs or romantic songs? 

Dumping friend or friend first and forever? 

Underweight or overweight? 

Eat healthy food or exercise hard? 

Being selfish or self-care? 

Smashed by king kong or eaten alive by Godzilla? 

Organic reach or paid promotion? 

Fame by doing good work or silly things? 

Be more approachable or play hard? 

Friendship/relationship or your self-respect? 

Old age or settling in a new country? 

Complete retirement or working on your passion?  

Working for recognition or promotion? 

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Best This or That Questions for Game Time

Here is the list of ‘The Best’ this or that game questions that involve the most unique and interactive questions you ever asked anyone.

So pick the right choice question from this list and start a good conversation with them.

Best This or That Questions for Game Time

Will Smith or Chris rock? 

Cut off a person or let them speak? 

Respecting other regions or yours the best? 

Comfortable house or a luxurious house? 

Readymade interior or personalized one? 

High-paid job or own business? 

Shaq o neal or Kevin hart? 

The Rock or Brock Lesnar? 

John Cena or john wick? 

Workaholic or productive? 

Fresh connection or change in personality? 

Latecomer or early starter? 

Bank accounts or bonds? 

Paying on cash or credit? 

One dollar every morning or all at once? 

Eating alone or with everyone? 

Save it for brother/sister or eat it anyway? 

Fruit juice or factory-made? 

Jean or cotton? 

Funny people or highly intellectual people? 

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Interesting This or That Questions

When getting to know a person’s personality you better ask some interesting questions to them. Interested in engaging in a discussion with someone?

Let’s take a look at these most interesting questions that will lead to nothing but interesting discussions with anyone. 

Interesting This or That Questions

Heart or mind?

Dream vacation with a partner or with family? 

World tour or attending a movie premiere? 

Coldplay or BTS? 

Star Trek or star wars? 

Local market or city mall? 

Vacation at the theme park or a distant place?

Change someone or change yourself?

Pink or blue? 

Is forcing others to change or accept them as they are?

Confidence or makeup? 

Positive or negative self-talk? 

Multitasking or one job at a time? 

Planning or strategy? 

Goal or pressure? 

Do it all alone or get the right help? 

Confidence or arrogance? 

Short cuts or having patience? 

Envy others or focus on yourself? 

Need or desire? 

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Cool This or That Icebreaker Questions (For Crush)

You might be searching for some right questions to ask your crush, or you want to make your chat more intriguing. So, here are some icebreaker ‘this or that’ questions.

We’re sure these two-choice questions will leave a good first impression, starting a great conversation. 

Cool This or That Icebreaker Questions

Respecting women or controlling them?

Propose a crush or wait to be approached?

Erasing past mistakes or knowing the future? 

Productive in the morning or at noon? 

Call at night or in the evening?

Daydreamer or a passionate doer? 

Dance in the rain or on the stage?

Shy girl or bossy girl? 

Office romance or focusing on work? 

Continuously talking or waiting for your turn? 

Good communication or active listening skills? 

Flashy dress or light color? 

Professional or casual dresses? 

You’re the best or everyone is special? 

Mother or father? 

Parents or grandparents? 

Reel life or real life? 

Discounts or tips? 

New year or valentine’s? 

Tasty food or diet food? 

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This or That Questions to Get to Know Someone

You either learn about someone from another person or by talking to them personally. When you want the truth and to get to know someone better in real life, you have to be straightforward with them.

Ask these two choices ‘this or that’ questions so that you can learn everything that is true and reliable. 

This or That Questions to Get to Know Someone

Great health or better taste? 

In a jungle with five vicious lions or a pond with one giant crocodile? 

Apple pieces or eating it as it is? 

High temperature or low-temperature fever? 

A genuine person or complex personality? 

Superman or peacemaker? 

Creative or logical? 

Soft Spoken or aggressive speaker? 

Immortality or anti-age skin? 

Previous life or afterlife? 

Special or suspicious? 

Olympic or film actor? 

A private villa or private jet? 

Social media or dating apps? 

Messaging apps or normal text? 

Cheating in an exam or getting an F in that? 

Girlfriend or your siblings? 

Boyfriend or your best friend?

Siblings or your cousins? 

Mind work or physical work? 

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Random This or That Questions

Random questions do not have to be about anyone or any particular situation, they can be about any subject.

These are some random topics to discuss when you don’t know what to discuss with your buddy when you’re bored together on the weekend or with colleagues during break time at the workplace. 

Random This or That Questions

Eating with a hand or asking someone to feed you? 

Talk with your parents or talk with friends? 

Positive quotes or Ted Talks? 

Knowledge or experience? 

Separate office cabin or co-working space? 

Only saying or doing something? 

Empty glass or filled glass? 

Eggless cake or regular cake?

Black currant cake or pineapple cake? 

Mango Shake or orange juice? 

Fast talker or soft-spoken? 

Australia or Europe? 

Waiting for time to fix that or do you do something? 

Glasses or contact lenses? 

French fries or popcorn? 

Buffet or serving? 

Moonlight or sunlight? 

Loyal friends or crazy friends? 

A true friend or funny friend? 

Panda or Penguin? 

Journalizing or vlogging? 

Working late night or early morning? 

Humans or animals? 

Private economy or public economy? 

Editing or drafting? 

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Which list – This or That?

Whether you’re having a small party at your home or finally get a chance to speak to your crush, this or that questions game is an entertaining way to pass the time. 

If the other person is also looking to have some good conversation or have some fun together, such two-choice questions won’t be boring.

And yes, you can take it to the healthy discussion after they opt for that one answer. 

By asking them why they chose this specific option, you can continue the conversation. You can also share your opinion and thoughts on the same. 

It could be an aggressive debate if you want it to be. Or, it can be a fun discussion with your friends or a logical conversation with your partner or family member, in the end. 


Overall, we hope you enjoy this ultimate list of best this or that questions. Have fun!